Johnson’s Baby - Nightlight

The challenge

With more than a 100 year heritage, Johnson's are the leading experts in baby care, but with the rise of home brands they needed to reinforce their position in market as a trusted source for mums. 

Online communities are playing a bigger, more crucial role in helping new mums, with many turning to the internet for advice and support around the challenges of early parenthood. There was an opportunity to re-establish Johnson's authority in babycare and engage with mothers beyond advertising by offering valuable support when mums often need it most - late at night when their normal support network is asleep.


It can be tough being a new mum, especially getting through the night with all the unknowns on what is keeping their baby awake. So we created a new class of baby care product for Johnson's… Nightlight. A mobile responsive site specifically designed to connect new mums in the wee hours of the morning to the greatest support network there is - each other.

Through Nightlight, new mums are able to find each other and chat about what is keeping them up at night. They're able to share information within the reading room on topics that could help other mothers, and get expert advice from a Tresillian Nurse should they need it.

Most importantly, Nightlight brings the expertise of Johnson's front and centre, and reinforces the brand as the go-to source for new mums.


●      56% of new mums used Nightlight

●      7:59 average time spent in the chat room

●      99.96% positive sentiment amongst Nightlight users


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image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4 image 5 image 6