Psychic Roadster



MINI was failing to attract its fair share of male car buyers with the brand increasingly seen as overly female. MullenLowe Profero were tasked with launching the new MINI Roadster, a sportier 2-seater convertible. We had to create widespread awareness for the new car whilst injecting some excitement and energy back into the brand amongst 30+ males.


We launched the Psychic Roadster.

An idea rooted in the car - the MINI Roadster's top down, open driving experience means you can see more of the road ahead.

But also an insight led idea that engages the target. As men mature, the temptation to rekindle their more adventurous youth grows. Thinking of times gone by, they yearn for spontaneous curve ball moments that really turn an outing into an adventure. What if buying the MINI Roadster came with guarantees about future (mis)adventures that await the driver?

To fuel this promise we created a national through-the-line Psychic Roadster launch. Simply interact with any element of it and you'll get a glimpse of the future adventures that you could experience together with the car.

We created a national outdoor campaign with all of the creative working in combination with the media placements to give the MINI Roadster a feeling of psychic powers: 'Going around in circles' was the psychic message at Holland Park roundabout and 'There's a light at the end of the tunnel' was the psychic message at Dartford tunnel.

Online the Psychic Roadster experience was brought to life through a groundbreaking combination of media, message and search all coming together to give a unique experience. Through deft use of a weather API, IP based location and etymological name databases; a mystical, humorous, adventurous journey was delivered that engaged and entertained. A search for key terms resulted in the top paid search revealing, "we knew you were coming". It all culminated in you having your future predicted by the 'Psychic Roadster'. Men were not able to help but feel that the Roadster knew them and was right for them.



  • We achieved over 109m online impressions
  • Over 550,000 site views


  • 39x higher interaction rates of the online campaign than the industry average
  • 75% of micro-site users chose to go on and receive a personalised psychic reading (giving their contact details in the process for the dealer marketing network)


  • 88% microsite traffic clicked through to
  • 77% uplift in dealer enquiries nationally with an increase in male MINI ownership profile from 35% to 50% for the MINI Roadster>