Send Yourself Home

Western Union


Money transfer service, Western Union, helps migrants stay connected around the globe. People living abroad use them to get money to people back home. This could be to support their family, help out a friend in an emergency or as a gift for a special occasion.

So money transfer is more than just money, it's a way for people living abroad to strengthen the bond they have with their loved ones back home.

Western Union wanted a multi-channel campaign that didn't focus on price, but on something more emotive: A migrant's desire to be "closer to home". 


We created 'Send Yourself Home', a multi-platform campaign that helped people to digitally send themselves home. They could either send a 360° interactive self-portrait or a 3D printed model to their loved ones.

For the interactive 360° self-portrait, we built a custom photobooth that took a 360° photo of those inside.  The result was a world first on Facebook. Photos were sent to their loved ones back home so they could see them in full, spinning them around in their timeline.

Participants could also win a 3D life-like model of themselves to send home, using 3D technology. 


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  • Our 360° photo booth went on a world tour stopping off at events such as Los Angeles festival of Philippine Arts & Culture and the Melbourne Philippine Fiesta.


  • In total all 'Send Yourself Home' activity generated a staggering 29 million impressions and was syndicated across key culturally relevant outlets, all over the globe.


  • delivered a 43% rise in engagement. Proving that emotive thinking for this market is far more powerful than price-lead messaging.